A Julie & Julia Summer (Sort of)

June has been a month filled with the birthdays of many of my friends. Last week was my roommate’s birthday and for her gift I picked up a cute little cookbook titled “500 Pies and Tarts” as something we could do together as a bonding activity. It’s got a great blend of sweet and savory recipes to explore. When I gave it to her we laughed, imagining ourselves in the movie Julie & Julia, which she loves. Neither of us is a stellar cook/baker, but that’s half the fun, right? Trying something new and being able to take a moment to not take life so seriously. It’s a stressful world out there.

Once a week we’ll pick a new recipe and cook our way through the book this summer. Tonight we took a shot at our very first selection from the book, the English Bakewell Almond Tart. It started off about as well as you’d expect, and by that I mean flour flying everywhere and a handful of moments that didn’t exactly go as planned

Learning experience #1: When chilling the crust, leave it in the fridge

until it’s actually cold, even if it’s been in for the (minimum) 20 minutes recommended. A gooey crust does not spread well!


Learning experience #2: Learn when to leave it alone. I am notorious for being impatient when I bake and have been know to mess up a perfectly good recipe because I couldn’t wait to cut into whatever I’d just made. Thankfully tonight was not one of those nights.



For our first attempt I’d say not bad. Semi-pretty, and plenty tasty. More importantly, it was definitely a fun filled night with music and shenanigans. I’d even call it a fitting end to a reasonably good day.

Today I’m Thankful For: The afternoon spent with a good friend and getting her hooked on a show I absolutely adore. I can’t wait to have someone to discuss Person of Interest with, even if it’s been off the air for years now!


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